Entity Name Status Measurement
Phakama Graphics Level 4 EME
Cheetah Systems CC Level 4 EME
Diesel Fleet Solutions CC Level 4 EME
Engeolab CC Level 1 QSE
Harambee General Services CC Level 3 QSE
WM Suppliers Level 4 EME
Cullen & Jones t/a JP Taylor & van Schalkwyk Optometrists Level 4 EME
Karo Engineering CC Level 4 EME
Kleinbosveld Guesthouse Level 4 EME
Labrite CC Level 4 EME
Lekang General Construction & Labour Hire CC Level 4 QSE
Mpumalanga Business Enterprises Level 4 EME
OPD Constructions (Pty) Ltd Level 7 QSE
Petrochem Instrumentation Electrical Engineering CC Level 4 EME
Quality Panel Beaters (Pty) Ltd Level 4 EME
Rowag CC Level 4 EME
AM Jenton Services Level 4 EME
Pienaar WJ t/a Pienaar Vervoer Level 4 EME
Sibuya Kude Cleaning & General Level 3 EME
Yoruba CC Level 4 EME
Tacho Services Eastern Tvl CC Level 4 EME
Imboni Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Level 4 EME
Tupis Trading CC Level 3 EME
African Sandblasting t/a Ugesi Level 4 QSE
Fabracon Trading Enterprises Level 4 EME
Quality Panel Beaters Level 4 EME
Elukwatini Security Level 4 EME
Mdluli and Sons Industrial Cleaning Level 3 EME
Gabuza WV t/a Siyaya Contracting Level 4 EME
Flags Lifestyle Wear Level 4 EME
Leon Trust t/a Kwanele Engineering Works Level 4 EME
TJ Electrical Level 4 EME
SA Earthmoving and Plant Hire Level 4 EME
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